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  • declarative loft brutality in design The ceiling of the studio is supported by copper tubes, in which the electrical wiring was partially removed

    The apartment with a free layout was purchased by customers in a new building. For a comfortable life, it was supposed to create in it a large studio and two separate living rooms, two bathrooms and additional rooms for storage and washing. In addition to the obligatory brickwork of walls, exposed concrete structures and minimalist furnishings for a real loft, I wanted to bring natural warmth – finishing details and wooden furniture.

    Lamps in the studio provide both general and local, chamber and comfortable lighting. For the latter, a floor lamp next to the sofa and technical lamps located above the bookcase


    The outlines of the apartment resemble the letter P, there are no load-bearing partitions inside, a large loggia is integrated into the total volume of the dwelling. There are four windows in the interior, three of them are facing one side (moreover, two of them are on the loggia, the exit to which is provided from the middle opening), the fourth one is on the opposite side.

    The studio was designed near the loggia, from which you can go into an almost square bedroom, from there there is an entrance to a large dressing room, and through it to the bathroom. Away from the windows, opposite the front door, there is a guest bathroom, a laundry room and a second dressing room adjacent to the end of the children's room. The connecting link between the latter and the studio is an L-shaped hallway-corridor, the doors of auxiliary rooms open into it.

    A deep sofa with fabric upholstery, although it does not unfold, can serve as a comfortable sleeping place for guests. Its massive frame, covered with the same fabric, is decorated with fine stitching, which creates a rhythmic echo with the “laying” of the walls


    Since the apartment is new, I had to perform a screed. To install the convectors, the floor level was raised to the appropriate height. New partitions were erected from tongue-and-groove blocks and bricks (where it was necessary, for example, in the bathroom – a solid load-bearing wall was required to install the hinged washbasin stand).

    The kitchen island on the side of the working area is equipped with drawers for dishes, on the other side there is a niche for the convenience of sitting on bar stools

    Reinforced concrete ceiling slabs were left exposed, only cleaned and covered with a fixing varnish. Above them is electrical wiring, partially hidden in copper tubes. In auxiliary rooms, the level of the ceilings was slightly lowered with the help of drywall. The apartment was equipped with a multi-split air conditioning system, external units were installed on the balcony. Finishing work was done in the loggia, lamps were attached.

    Curtain guides are hidden behind the cornices under the ceiling. A variety of lighting scenarios was provided by a chandelier, bedside table lamps and an unusual sconce on a swivel pantograph with a long holder, which is convenient to deploy in any direction and at any angle


    Almost ascetic color palette (white, gray, sepia and ocher shades), orthogonal clarity of the layout create a well-balanced graphic pattern, which, however, is filled with an atmosphere with various shades of mood. The secret of this transformation is in the skillful combination of planes of different textures, in a diverse lighting scenario, mostly “atmospheric”, with soft local transitions.

    Strict and minimalist forms of overall pieces of furniture are calculated in such a way as to avoid unnecessary detailing – for example, the smooth facades of kitchen modules reach the ceiling, although in fact the gap above their upper border is covered with a panel painted in the same shade. Variety is created by the combination of painted wall surfaces with a non-uniform texture of concrete, with wood (a parquet board panel in the corridor), with textured brick walls and black metal of slopes, with horizontal slats of wooden blinds.

    The wooden entrance door with a barn drive mechanism echoes other expressive wooden details in the bedroom; behind it, according to the enfilade principle, there is an entrance to the bathroom and a door to the shower compartment

    A real loft should have a rather brutal character, and textured natural materials, including those with traces of time and emphatically man-made, piece ones, optimally match it. Therefore, for example, the headboard was made to order from a specially selected massif of mountain elm with a slightly uneven natural edge.

    The saw cut, made to size, after appropriate processing, took its place as a headboard. Bedside tables are made of old English parquet. An unusual table was also created for the bedroom with a tabletop made from a gate found in an abandoned village area: the boards were carefully restored and placed under transparent glass, the table frame was made of welded metal. The low coffee table in the living room is made of aged wood.

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    From the hallway, you can enter the laundry room, which follows the same minimalist rules as the main rooms. The exception is the bright color of the countertop. Above it is a cabinet with electric sensors

    The most iconic feature of the modern loft has become exposed brickwork (in this case, clinker bricks) or its imitation. This is not surprising: the first lofts were located on the territory of former factory buildings, built, as a rule, at the end of the 19th century. from brick. However, other signs of this “masculine” style are often forgotten: high ceilings, interiors without partitions, in which sometimes only a bathroom is separated from the common room. Huge windows are characteristic – the main advantage of industrial premises, and this subsequently made the lofts so attractive for the equipment of artists' workshops in them. Technical communications are often visible (the finishing that hides them costs extra) and even accentuated. ” />

    The sofa bed provides a comfortable setting for watching TV or playing games. The color of the sofa upholstery is matched to the nightstand-chest of drawers. A large desk is pushed up against the window

    The teenage boy actively participated in the discussion of the design of his room – it was at his request that a panel with a skateboarder was made, he also suggested decorating the guest bathroom with graffiti-patterned tiles. The console table for the hallway was made by the owner of the apartment himself. Window slopes are made of an uncharacteristic material – ferrous sheet metal, which comes with small edges on the walls, firmly fixing the brickwork. In the event that hot water was turned off, a water heater was installed in the utility room – they made an eyeliner to the guest bathroom from it. In the bathroom, the water heater is hidden behind the sanitary cabinet doors.


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