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    In the area of ​​​​the metropolitan Dubrovka, five-story houses built in the 1920s. of the last century, harmoniously coexist with the environment: a conveniently planned territory, green courtyards with playgrounds. The “light breath” of these quarters somehow bears little resemblance to the harsh rhythms of the metropolis. I wanted to maintain this pleasant mood in the interiors, decorated in a modern style.

    The customer set about arranging the former grandmother's apartment for her adult daughter, who was soon to be married. The layout included a studio, a separate bedroom, a combination of a separate bathroom and the arrangement of a large shower compartment instead of a bathtub. It was necessary to combine convenience and artistry in the atmosphere: a young woman likes to gather guests, and since she herself has been engaged in professional dances for a long time, a bit of temperament should have been present in the color scheme.

    Various shades of red bring artistry to the calm atmosphere of the studio. Ceiling beam played as an art object


    The previous layout is quite convenient: a regular rectangle with a pair of windows on two opposite sides (including one window was in the bathroom). From the current bedroom you can go to a small balcony. Inside the apartment there are two massive square-section load-bearing columns that I wanted to disguise.

    To create a studio, the partition between the kitchen and the area where the living room is now located was removed, the wall between the hallway and the kitchen, on the contrary, was made solid (previously there was a door to the kitchen) and slightly shifted so that it became possible to build in a large closet. The gap between the hallway and the kitchen was left open. The bathroom was combined with the toilet, and the font was replaced with a spacious shower compartment.

    In the kitchen, at the request of the customer, the oven was placed in a higher position than usual, so that it would be more convenient for the hostess to use it. The design of the apron echoes the tiling of the ceiling beam in the living room, which gave the decorative solutions logic and playful intonations


    Wooden logs were dismantled up to reinforced concrete floors, a screed was made. New partitions were erected from foam blocks (because they did not know exactly the condition of the ceilings and did not want to load them). The floors in the living quarters were covered with parquet boards, in the hallway, bathroom and kitchen area – with porcelain tiles. The ceilings were lined with drywall. The windows were replaced, the window sills were made of artificial stone.

    The protrusion of the supporting structure made it possible to make a convenient shallow rack in the niche, and from the side of the window they built another pandan for it. In the lower parts of both there are closed sections, next to the window there is also an air conditioner

    The walls were partially painted and partially covered with wallpaper. The balcony was glazed, insulated, the flooring was replaced with new porcelain tiles, the walls were sheathed with plastic clapboard. Air conditioners were installed in the bedroom and hallway, external units were placed on the facade. Both interior doors are folding.

    The chests of drawers in the bedroom were selected with an original, very embossed texture of wood. In combination with a silk bedspread, large-scale weaving of curtains, a diverse tactile range is created


    The design combines discreet urban contemporary with elements of Scandinavian style and a slight touch of fusion. Wholeness to all interiors, a sense of spaciousness and depth are given by the overall color scheme and measured, calm rhythm in the arrangement of individual pieces of furniture and interior groups. Diverse, predominantly warm shades of gray create a harmonious background for bright accents; kitchen everyday details look like a neutral background in relation to the living area.

    The window sill in the bathroom was combined with the countertop, the window slopes were finished with mosaics, the walls were pasted over with mirrors on both sides of the opening, ceiling lamps on long suspensions were attached above each – it turned out both elegant and practical. A washing machine was placed under the countertop, but at the request of the hostess, they did not close the door

    We have already cooperated with the customer on two other objects, so the work on this project was carried out with full mutual understanding. Although in the houses and was in the 1970s. repairs were carried out with reconstruction, at the time the redevelopment began, everything was badly worn out and required a radical replacement. The future hostess saw the result after the turnkey apartment was handed over and was very pleased, including the fact that her desire to decorate the interior in lilac tones was transformed into a different color scheme built on shades of gray and red. A folding sofa was chosen for the living room – for late guests. Two of the four doors of the wardrobe in the hallway are mirrored – this technique visually expands the space.

    Irina Krivtsova


    Фото: Евгений Кулибаба

    Фот&#1086 ;: Евгений Кулибаба

    Фото: Евгений Кулибаба

    Фот&#1086 ;: Евгений Кулибаба

    Фото: Евгений Кулибаба

    Фот&#1086 ;: Евгений Кулибаба

    Фот&#1086 ;: Евгений Кулибаба

    Фот&#1086 ;: Евгений Кулибаба

    The editors warn that, in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the coordination of ongoing reconstructions and redevelopments is required.


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