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  • Kitchen-living room

    The Larin family from Domodedovo fulfilled their dream – they bought an apartment in a monolithic house according to an individual project, and not a simple one, but a two-story one (in fact, these are two odnushki united by a staircase). And since they have such an unusual space, then the interior needs an appropriate one: stylish, modern, but at the same time cozy.

    Their field of activity is related to aviation, so they would like this topic to be reflected in the project. But the main thing is that there are two daughters in the family, whose comfort and safety come first. The owners had no idea how to plan the apartment in order to carve out a place for each family member and provide for a common space, how to correctly use the height of the ceilings (3.8 m) on the second floor. Therefore, they asked the editors to help in solving these difficult tasks.

    Entrance hall

    After the redevelopment, a single space of the entrance hall, living room and kitchen will appear on the first level, and the bedrooms will be located on the second. On the ground floor, all non-bearing partitions are demolished, only the boundaries of the bathroom will not change. The interior is designed in the spirit of minimalism and functionalism with a matching neutral color scheme and purple accents.

    The second floor is completely remodeled. The small parent bedroom will be equipped with a walk-in closet, allowing you to do without a large closet. As desired by the customers, much attention is paid to the design of the nursery for two girls. In this room, the sleeping area is separated from the work area with the help of beds installed on the podium, which also visually adjusts the proportions of the room. True, at first the owners will have to get used to a non-standard solution. The beds will be placed along the walls, which will free up the center of the room. A staircase leads to the meticulously planned mezzanine level, under which storage space is provided.


    Kitchen-living room

    < p>The neutral palette will be diluted with a few accents (pillows and a tiled apron) of purple-lilac shades. The glossy tile of the backsplash laid in a snake is organically combined with textured brick walls and decorative concrete-like plaster. And the bio-fireplace will create coziness in a “cold” contrasting space.


    The open space under the stairs will visually enlarge the room. Practical LED lighting under the steps, which turns on together with motion sensors, will become an original accent.



    The cosmically sterile kitchen is a kind of fantasy about the future of aviation: a futuristic hood, a metal refrigerator, inconspicuous lamps, a furniture set with snow-white facades. The composition will be balanced by a parquet floor and a dynamic apron.



    The authors of the project rationally use every meter of usable area. For example, the play area was placed above the main staircase. The room elongated upwards will visually adjust large interior items. A cheerful mood is created with the help of bright colors, decorative partitions with round elements resembling soap bubbles, and airy pendant lights.


    In order to hide communications, the ceiling in the bathroom will be partially lowered, which will give a graphic look to the room. Large wood-like wall tiles are interrupted in places by mosaic inserts that turn into backlighting. This creates a play of light and shadow in the room.



    To visually unload a small room, they will install hanging cabinets and a dressing table that will seem to soar in space. Bright yellow spots of decor break into the neutral color range of the interior. The head of the bed will form a composition of soft square tiles, randomly rushing to the ceiling, which will give the room dynamism.


    The design of the hall on the second floor is based on a combination of light and planes. The triangles on the wall will flow into the volume on the ceiling, breaking the space. Light rustication will complement the composition. Brickwork will connect this room with the interiors of the ground floor.



    A laconic bathroom will decorate a wall cabinet for useful small things imitating a picture. The aviation theme will be continued by alternating lines of different shades of blue on the walls of the room, a wall-mounted toilet and a glass partition.


    Спа&#1083 ;ьня

    Дет&#1089 ;кая

    Кух&#1085 ;я

    Ванная комната

    Хол&#1083 ;

    Strengths Weaknesses of the project
    A mezzanine play floor has been created. A podium in the nursery is an unsafe solution.
    The bedrooms have a dressing room and mezzanine storage. The storage system for clothes and shoes has not been thought out in the hallway.
    The space under the stairs in the nursery is used for storage. In the studio on the first floor, a powerful exhaust and an appropriate inflow are needed air.
    A stairway with no risers adds airiness to the small ground floor space.
    Kitchen furniture is located at an angle, which is convenient for cooking.
    Wear-resistant materials are used in the hallway.

    The editors warn that, in accordance with the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, the coordination of ongoing reconstructions and redevelopments is required.


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